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SLA 3D Printer

High resolution, affordable, and reliable resin SLA 3D printer


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    Along with the advancement of display technologies, resin printers now can be made with a cost close to FDM printers while maintaining a print quality much better than FDM printers. Beat is developed to meet consumers' demand for a high performance, reliable, low-cost 3D printer.

    With consumers in mind, we determined that the new printer must be compact and stylish. The green cover was designed to make it easier to be blended into an everyday environment. In line with the theme "green," the Beat's light source is made from LEDs, resulting in a greener energy consumption and longer lifetime. The two edges were rounded off to reflect the shape of a bean. In the end, we dubbed the printer the "Beat" to reflect the compactness and greenish qualities of the printer. (Internally, we nicknamed it Green Beat!) To bring the cost down, we combine our PSP technology with an ultra-high resolution LCD panel. With this came the birth of Kudo3D's Beat 3D printer.

    The Beat is stylish.It is pre-calibrated before shipping and comes with a spring loaded self-leveling build platform.

    The Beat 3D printer is a fully fledged, compact desktop SLA 3D printer. With dimensions of 8 in x 8 in x 16 in (20 cm x 20 cm x 40 cm) and a weight of only 15 pounds (6.67 Kg), the Beat fits well in any office, studio and workshop environment.

    Printing at 50 micron XY resolution (capable of 10 microns Z layer thickness), the printouts of Beat has an amazing high resolution comparable to DLP 3D printers.This model is printed at a layer thickness of 35 microns.

    The Beat 3D printer has a uniform maximum build area of 2.7 in x 4.7 in (12.1 cm x 6.8 cm) and a build height of 5.9 in (15 cm). We printed 39 rings with a layer thickness of 25 microns on one platform to illustrate the uniformity. The diameter of a prong in the digital model is 0.0567 in (1.44 mm). The diameter of the printed prongs around the four corners is about 0.0563 in (1.43 mm). The diameter of the printed prongs in the center is around 0.05866 in (1.49 mm). Printout uniformity is greater than 95% across the platform. At a layer thickness of 50 microns, the printing speed ranges from 1 to 2 cm per hour.

    The surfaces of printed models are very smooth.

    The Beat 3D printer is a LCD based SLA 3D printer. Instead of using laser or DLP to generate patterns, the Beat has a high resolution 2K LCD panel coupled with a purple 405nm LED lamp to project slices of a 3D model onto the floor of resin container. The average power consumption of the Beat is only 50W which is one of the lowest.

    The resin container is a modified version of the PSP (passive self-peeling) resin container on Titan 2 DLP-SLA printer. Similar to the original PSP, this new version is called the PSP-D. Only Teflon film needs to be replaced. The lifetime of the film depends on the size of the printed model. In general, it should last 20 to 50 prints. The peeling starts from one side of the container to reduce the separation force. As a result, the printing is more reliable, the details are preserved and larger models can be printed.

    Beat currently uses a tool chain of software and is controlled by web browser. We are also working to develop an integrated software.

    Beat can be controlled and monitored by mobile devices

    SLA 3D printers use liquid resins to create the prints. This liquid resin solidifies once a light pattern is shined upon it. Our 3DSR high resolution resins have been thoroughly formulated for different applications, ensuring users with only the best result. We are currently evaluating castable resins for Beat and will release a castable resin before shipping.

    Items included:

    • Post Curing Lamp
    • PSP Resin Container (2)
    • Build Platform
    • WiFi Repeater
    • Beat Printer-CE&FCC Certified
    • 250g General Resin
    • 250g Engineering Tough Resin
    • Kudo3D Print Job Software
    • Teflon film x 5


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